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Massage therapist Vaggelis Petsis Mykonos
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Vaggelis Petsis

My name is Vaggelis Petsis and I am from Greece. I was born and raised in Athens and for the last few years I have lived and worked on one of the most beautiful islands of my country, Mykonos.

My involvement with the body started many years ago and this came as a result of my deeper need to explore and get to know it better. It’s the body that carries us throughout life and by serving it, we connect it with the mind and the soul, by opening the paths that lead us to the love and caring for it.

Studies and specialization

I studied and graduated with high marks as a massage therapist. More specifically, I was trained in Swedish massage, athletic massage, Thai massage and at the same time I attended anatomy seminars.

Since then, this long and exciting journey has never stopped advancing, enriching and creating the terms and conditions where the body, the mind and the soul meet in absolute harmony and promise a healthy and happy way of life.

Today, I am a freelance therapist, after gaining valuable experience by working for many years in gyms, private spas, hotels and other companies on the island. In addition, I am fortunate enough to cooperate with exceptional colleagues and other highly qualified professionals in the areas of wellness, beauty, gymnastics and physiotherapy. My desire for knowledge, combined to my total dedication and love for my field of work, is rewarded by your satisfaction and acceptance.

Thank you in advance for trusting your body in my hands, since trust is the mainspring for every healthy relationship.

Give that chance to yourself.


Why choose my services?

Intense daily life is full of stress and tension. The various massage techniques that I specialize in will help you fight this daily stress and anxiety, while my modern therapeutic techniques will improve your health and mood, will help you relieve pain and discomfort and of course will fill you with confidence.

Contact me and together we will choose the best massage treatment based on your special needs.