Massage with silicon suction cups and powder

Duration 75 minutes

Massage with silicon suction cups and powder is an excellent therapeutic massage technique that will help relax the tissues and muscles of your body with the use of a suction cup. It is addressed to everyone and will offer you a hyperemia while at the same time releasing toxins from your body. At the end of the session, oxygen and blood will circulate better in your body, as a result of which you will feel an overall well-being.

It is a specialized massage technique that has its roots in ancient Greek medicine. It is ideal for all those who want a different relaxing massage that will target the depths of the muscles and remove all tension from their body.

What are the benefits of the massage with silicon suction cups and powder?

This type of massage works in reverse from the rest since instead of putting pressure on the muscles and their tissues, it pulls them upwards. This, in addition to better circulation and removal of toxins, also contributes dramatically to the fight against chronic pains and even colds. All this is achieved thanks to the use of the suction cup, a method that has been applied for thousands of years and has evolved considerably thanks to science.

Advantages of using a suction cup:

  • Improvement of blood circulation and lymph
  • Reduction of pain and muscle contraction
  • Increase of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances
  • Relief from coughing and the common cold
  • Helps to relief allergies and skin rash
  • Possibility of reduction of heart disorders

Benefits of the powder:

  • Minor improvement of blood circulation
  • Wellness – sense of euphoria – invigoration
  • Topical removal of excess moisture from areas that could be problematic
  • Palpation and tracking of muscle tension

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