Muscle relaxation massage

Duration 60 minutes

Muscle relaxation massage is one of the most popular massage techniques and is addressed to everyone, regardless of gender or age. It is mainly used to relieve muscle aches and bone pains, but at the same time it offers a significant relaxation to the whole body.

Using special massages with the appropriate pressure on the muscles, joints and ligaments, the relaxing massage will offer an overall well-being to your body while accelerating its healing properties. In fact, due to the intense daily routine, professional obligations and poor posture of the body, this technique will offer you huge benefits.

What are the benefits of muscle relaxation massage?

The massages that are applied in the muscle relaxation massage act on the points that will help to discharge the tension from your body. Something that will release the tightness and relax your muscles in the most effective way. Eliminating stress is also a key benefit that this technique offers you.

In particular, the benefits of muscle relaxation massage are:

  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Body oxygen increase
  • Reduction of muscle stiffness
  • Reduction of muscle toxins
  • Full body relaxation

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